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FREE Home Work-Ins for Anyone and Everyone

Home work-ins from Planet Fitness. Join us day by day on Facebook Live at 7pm EST. United We Move! source

Weekly Vlog: Getting Ready for Fall

In this week’s vlog, I’m sharing how I’m preparing for fall by saving seeds from a few of my annual flowers (together with...

Calming Canine Herbs for Your Four-Legged Friends

There are a variety of issues that may trigger stress and anxiousness for our beloved pets, from separation anxiousness to loud noises. Whenever...

StepFlix Salsa Cardio Fitness, workout 1

🔥 This class is a enjoyable salsa cardio workout that helps you observe your salsa dance strikes, as you burn some energy. Muscles have...

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

You would possibly need to assume twice earlier than you rush to slug down one other post-workout smoothie. Your pre-workout routine of oatmeal...