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Hello associates, I’m Dr. Pranjali Srivastava. Watch this video to know allergy treatment, allergy homeopathic medicine, pores and skin, food, dust allergy homeopathic treatment. I’ve defined numerous allergy and their efficient homeopathic cures.

Homeopathic Medicines talked about within the video and dosages-
वीडियो में दिखाए गये दवाओं के नाम तथा लेने का तरीका :

1)Antim crud 30(daylight) – 2 drops 3 occasions in a day

2) Aralia r 30 +Lycopodium 30+ pathos 30(dust) – 2 drops 3 occasions in a day

3) carbo veg 30 + pulsatilla nig 30(poultry product) – 2 drops 3 occasions in a day

4) coculus indica 30 ( daylight rashes) – 2 drops 3 occasions in a day

5) histaminum lm (scent, dust„fragrance)- 2 drops subsequent 3 day repeat after 15 days.

6) lachesis 200( bitter food) – 2 drop subsequent 3 days repeat after 15 days.

7) Psorinum 200( wheat flour) 2 drops morning repeat after 1week.

8) Thuja 30 (onion) 2 drops – 3 occasions in a day

9) tellurium 30(rice) 2 drops – 3 occasions in a day

10) pulsatilla 30 ( bakery) – 2 drops 3 occasions in a day

11) nat carb 30( milk) – 2 drops 3 occasions in a day

12) petroleum 200( cabbage) – 2 drop 2 occasions in a day

13) sulphur 200, tuberculinum 200( haircolor) – 2drop within the morning and repeat after 1 week.


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