5 Ways to Help Clients Cope with COVID-19 Related Anxiety


Mental health is a cornerstone of general health. Since the coronavirus started sweeping the world over, worry, fear, and uncertainty have dominated the feelings of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. 

While some health and wellness coaches might tend to concentrate on what actions we are able to take to enhance the bodily indicators of health, psychological health can also be an essential side of general well-being that health coaches want to take into account.

Based on recent data, it’s possible that lots of your purchasers are possible experiencing signs of tension or depression. While it is best to all the time refer severe instances of psychological health to licensed psychological health professionals, it’s important to be ready to combine a concentrate on psychological health inside your teachings and applications. 

To get you started, listed here are 5 methods you possibly can assist your purchasers with COVID-19-related anxiousness. 

The Role of Mental Health in Overall Health 

According to the World Health Organization, health can’t be outlined by the absence of sickness; as a substitute, health is outlined as a state the place a person has full bodily, psychological, and social well-being.

As health and wellness coaches, you reside this out day by day. 

What Can Health and Wellness Coaches Do to Support Their Clients’ Mental Health?

Health and wellness coaches have a singular alternative to be a help to their purchasers throughout 

demanding occasions. The time you spend with your consumer stands out as the solely time within the day they’ve put aside particularly to consider and discuss their health. 

If you’re teaching purchasers throughout a pandemic, it’s not unlikely that you’re coming throughout purchasers who categorical feeling stress, anxious, or depressed extra typically than you had in pre-pandemic occasions. Moderate ranges of stress and anxiousness are regular, and, most often, they’re manageable. 


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The Health and Wellness Coach Toolbox for Fighting Stress and Anxiety

In no method ought to coaches take the place of psychological health professionals. They ought to, nevertheless, remember that their teaching strategies and information make up a toolbox that may assist purchasers cope, handle, and cut back average ranges of stress and anxiousness. 

These embody:

    • Grounding them within the now: Your holistic imaginative and prescient of health provides weight and significance to their lived experiences. Remind them that most of the feelings they’re feeling are regular responses to a pandemic and assist help them to cope with these emotions. 
    • Goal setting and motivation: These give your purchasers one thing to look ahead to and to get enthusiastic about, which may help break up the monotony of social distancing and sheltering in place. 
    • A way of feat: In the midst of uncertainty and restrictions, many individuals are grieving misplaced experiences, canceled occasions and holidays, and, doubtlessly, a loss of revenue. When you congratulate your consumer for doing issues round the home amidst challenges (doing the laundry, replying to emails, taking time without work for self-care, and even taking steps towards their health objectives), it could possibly provide your consumer a way of feat. 
    • Concrete stress-fighting instruments: As health, nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaches, you’ve gotten the information coupled with concrete way of life instruments that would assist purchasers battle off stress and anxiousness. 
  • Rest and Recovery: Getting sufficient sleep and taking time to decompress are equally essential to actively doing the issues talked about above. 

AFPA has created a complete information to serving to your purchasers cope with COVID-19. You can obtain the free coach guide here

5 Ways to Help Clients Fight COVID-19-Related Anxiety

Here are some concrete methods you possibly can assist your consumer battle the stress and anxiousness they could be feeling throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Remind Clients that Stress Is a Normal and Healthy Response to a Pandemic 

As health and wellness coaches, it’s important to remind your purchasers that stress, anxiousness, and disappointment are a standard response to a health disaster just like the pandemic. 

Not solely is anxiousness a standard response, it could possibly even be healthy. From a organic perspective, stress is required for us to adapt, develop, and reply appropriately to new conditions. 

If your purchasers didn’t really feel stress or anxiousness concerning the threat of growing the coronavirus, they wouldn’t really feel the necessity to adapt their habits to defend themselves. 

In different phrases, they wouldn’t really feel the necessity to observe CDC guidelines to maintain social distance, put on masks, wash their fingers frequently, and keep away from touching their face. As a consequence, they might be way more susceptible to catching COVID and passing it alongside to others—which is clearly not healthy. 

However, stress is productive and a part of the human adaptive response solely up to a sure level. When it begins to have an effect on your purchasers’ skill to be productive, negatively impacts their immune system, and stops them from being adaptive, it’s a good alternative for you to step in and provide sources.  

The curve under is a visible illustration of what’s referred to as the Yerkes-Dodson Law. To use it in your teaching observe, observe these options: 

  • Use it as a device to assist purchasers convey a way of consciousness to their emotions and feelings on account of the pandemic or anything. 
  • Explain how stress is healthy up to a sure level and may even enhance efficiency. 
  • Point out additionally that, even previous the “peak performance point,” these emotions are regular and anticipated responses to intense and traumatic experiences that consequence from a pandemic or different conditions. 
  • In most instances, acknowledging their feelings and actively working to cope with these feelings might be useful. 
  • Use the information you’ve gotten constructed up in your teaching toolbox to assist your purchasers cope with stress. 


As health coaches, you possibly can assist provide instruments that can assist them cope with manageable signs earlier than they attain burnout and breakdown. 

Important notice: Don’t count on your purchasers’ emotions of stress to disappear after exercising, meditating, or eating healthy. The pandemic is ongoing, and the close to future continues to be unsure. The most essential factor is for you to assist your purchasers acknowledge their emotions and for you to be a healthly help to your purchasers.. 

Offer Tools to Help Clients Take Care of Their Bodies

As a health, wellness, and nutrition coach, providing instruments to assist your purchasers take care of their our bodies is your specialty. Here are some concepts for a way to get started:

    • Help purchasers create a plan to exercise repeatedly. Remember that shorter workouts and plans that enable for flexibility might be simply as efficient as structured workouts. 
    • Build a meal plan that features meals which are simple to put together and store-bought to assist purchasers eat healthy, balanced meals which are wealthy in vitamins and gained’t add to stress. 
    • Devise a method that can enable them to get loads of sleep and downtime. 
    • Remind them to be conscious of alcohol consumption and substance abuse and to search assist when mandatory.  

    Teach Them Techniques for How to Combat Stress and Anxiety within the Moment

    If your consumer has moments of feeling overwhelmed, they will attempt research-backed strategies, together with respiratory strategies, bodily exercises, visualization, and meditation. 

    We’ve developed a information for a way to cut back stress ranges in two minutes. It combines respiratory strategies and bodily exercises and has an accompanying infographic, which you should utilize with your consumer as a information. 

    Stay Up-To-Date with the Facts

    As a health and wellness coach, you’re a part of your consumer’s main health help workforce. They might come to you with considerations and questions on COVID-19. Being in a position to give your purchasers solutions may help fight a few of the uncertainty that may worsen stress and anxiousness. 

    That being stated, coaches, in addition to purchasers, ought to set boundaries with how a lot time is spent consuming details about COVID-19. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the quantity of data you’re taking in, and whether it is contributing to your individual ranges of stress, set clearer boundaries relating to how a lot time you’re spending studying the information. 

    Check the CDC, IFM, and WHO web sites repeatedly to keep up-to-date and to fight misinformation.  

    Know Where and How to Get Professional Mental Health Support

    Your consumer’s psychological health wants might lengthen past your experience. If your consumer has expressed an excessive lack of motivation, has proven indicators of self-harm, or has hassle finishing up day by day duties, discuss to your consumer about seeing a psychological health specialist.

    Remember that in search of help from therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists continues to be a taboo for some folks. So, it’s important to talk to purchasers that in search of help is a healthy step to work towards a way of well-being. 

    Refer to the AFPA Coach COVID-19 Resource Guide to assist construct your information on this topic. 

    If you need to dig even deeper into how one can be a superb help to your purchasers, right here is a few extra details about how to assist your purchasers cope with stress. 

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