How to Treat Fistula Naturally without Surgery with Homeopathy | Dr Rohit Jain Explains


Dr Rohit Jain, gold medalist, senior homeopathic physician practising since 1997, explains how homeopathy treats anal fistula naturally without surgical procedure.

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Before we talk about homeopathy allow us to discuss standard or allopathic remedy of anal fistula.

According to my scientific apply anal fistula often begins as perianal abscess which is an enormous boil in your hips close to the anus. At this second it may be a perianal abscess solely or a perianal abscess with fistula.

In each the instances a traditional physician often prescribes antibiotics and painkillers. This provides non permanent aid to the affected person but when the affected person has anal fistula then the issue will come again quickly.

If the affected person is affected by abscess solely then I’ve seen that sturdy antibiotics suppress the abscess. This suppression of abscess leads to fistula. On the opposite, with homeopathy the abscess will get matured, pus discharges and wound heals without changing into anal fistula.

When the affected person suffers from abscess once more the allopathic physician advices him I & D (Incision and Drainage). This process often doesn’t assist the affected person and unhealthy pus discharge continues. This prompts the standard physician to get the MRI or CT scan carried out. This confirms the analysis of anal fistula and the physician advices main surgical procedure fistulectomy.
In fistulectomy the fistulous tract is lower and brought out of the body.

This surgical procedure has many issues like urinary retention, bleeding, thrombosed hemorrhoids, stool impaction, loss of management of stool, anal stenosis, sluggish therapeutic, adhesions and so forth.

But the irritating factor is even after going by way of this main surgical procedure the issue recurs in nearly 80% of sufferers.

All this stuff lead the affected person to suppose whether or not surgical procedure is the one remedy for anal fistula. My reply is ‘No’. We can deal with anal fistula with homeopathy without surgical procedure.

Most of the sufferers come to me after a number of surgical procedures and lengthy sufferings. Our homeopathic treatments first management the an infection which in flip reduces the frequency of abscess formation. Eventually the abscess formation stops. The signs like ache, itching and irritation will get higher.

After that treatments heals the fistula tract by new tissue growth. Gradually fistula opening closes. This is an extended and sluggish course of which takes time. How a lot time it takes varies from affected person to affected person. This additionally relies upon upon the size & depth of fistula and affected person’s sensitivity in direction of the treatments. It often takes about 1 to 2 years to heal the fistula utterly. One must be affected person through the remedy in order that full and everlasting treatment can happen.
I’ve seen if fistula sufferers are affected by IBD, crohn’s illness or diabetes then it the remedy turns into difficult and it takes extra time to heal.

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